3B³ Amplifier – Fairaudio Review

Jochen Reinecke of the German magazine Fairaudio, recently published an in-depth review of the 3B³ Amplifier. A few of my favorite quotes include:

Oh boy, it brings a lot! It’s really hard not to rave about what this power amp delivers. The author of these lines began his hi-fi review career almost ten years ago and since then has dragged a three-digit number of components and speakers through his listening room. Rarely enough, a device impresses so much that you remember the test for years to come – the Bryston 3B³ power amp is definitely one such candidate. But once again something less emotional and from the beginning!

When Friedemann’s fingers rush over the strings and retrieve the entire sound palette of the acoustic guitar, from cat-soft-gentle to the extra sharp, metallic scribing, the Bryston 3B³ power amplifier achieves this with a fantastic, almost flamenco-like timing.

Last but not least, a very exciting insight: Whether it’s the high damping factor or the broadband – the Bryston power amp has perfectly harmonized with all my speakers and literally made the most of them.

Read the entire review at Fairaudios website in the original German or check out our English translation. You can find more information about the 3B³ Amplifier on our product page or find a local dealer to hear it for yourself.

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