RMAF 2019 – Most Welcoming Room

We recently made an appearance at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, one of the largest consumer audio and home entertainment shows in the United States. In addition to introducing the BDA-3.14 to the attendees we also featured a full Bryston Model T Active Loudspeaker system which included a pair of 21B³ amplifiers and a BAX-1 digital crossover.  We had a number of consumer and industry visitors who were impressed by the overall sound and Brian Hunter of AudioStream was one such visitor:

Both the MoFi room that housed the Primare and The Sound Organisation room that presented Bryston get the award for most welcoming. Plenty of entertainment paired with a capable sales staff make for relaxed, appealing visits… even if your schedule doesn’t allow for any chillout time.

– Brian Hunter, AudioSteam

Check out his full article to read more of what Brian had to say about the show and if you are interested in learning more about the products we showcased during the RMAF 2019 take a look at our BDA-3.14 and Model T Active Loudspeaker product pages. Alternatively, you can find a local dealer in your area to demo our products today. Listening is believing!

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