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Tom Frantzen of Stereo Magazine, recently reviewed the 4B³ Dual-Mono Amplifier. Manufactured continuously since 1978, the 4B is our most popular amplifier. As our latest iteration of the 4B, the 4B³ features patented circuitry developed in conjunction with Dr. Salomie. Tom awarded the 4B³ four out of five stars and providing an in-depth and impressive review of the 4B³, discussing the overall performance and several finer technical points.

A few of my favorite quotes include:

In the STEREO listening room, the Brystons unleashed a kind of unbelievable elemental force, whose pronounced rhythm, texture, and subtlety amaze on closer inspection.

The new Bryston amplifiers – for me the superstar of the ensemble is the power amplifier that comes close to the top references – are uncompromisingly modern in their classic design, but still synonymous with reliability and long life expectancy. With their natural tonal quality, their grippingly dynamic character and their consistently incorruptible, effect-free neutrality and tranquility, they rank among the absolute upper echelons of international amplifier construction.

They are solid as a rock, but able to release unimaginably enormous explosive force when required, and for me they combine professional and audiophile qualities in a unique way, and should defi­nitely be heard when thinking about purchasing top-quality amps. The legend surrounding this brand is absolutely true and justified, and its product is superb.

Stereo Magazine – Issue 18 – Cover Page – 2018

You can read everything Tom has to say by checking out a PDF copy of the review. You can find more information about the 4B³ on our 4B³ product page or find a local dealer to hear it for yourself. Listening is believing!

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