StereoLife Magazine – BDA-3.14

Tomasz Karasiński of Polish StereoLife, recently wrote an in-depth review of the BDA-3.14.  Tomasz had a quite a few nice things to say about the BDA-3.14 and gave it a StereoLife High End Award. A few of my favorite quotes include:

Bryston is considered a specialist in amplifiers. There is a reason, because in some circles the opinions of this brand are a subject of worship.

This may surprise some, but in my opinion Canadian engineers are particularly good at digital sources... You can of course ask yourself if we even need a DAC like BDA-3 or BDA-3.14, but assuming that we are aiming at this level of quality, BDA-3.14 is a really good deal.

The pros include, first and foremost, the multitude and variety of inputs and outputs on the rear panel. There are more of them than anyone will be able to use.

A player that will appeal to both audiophiles and music lovers... The combination of Bryston and Roon supported by hi-res files and access to TIDAL is in my opinion a masterful package, which will quickly introduce us to a world where music is listened to not only easily and pleasantly, but also in audiophile - with hi-end sound.

You can read everything Tomasz has to say by checking out an English translation of the full review linked below, or read the original review in Polish.

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