FairAudio Review – Mini A Loudspeaker

Jörg Dames of German Magazine FairAudio, recently published a fairly lengthy review of the Mini A, our smallest offering in bookshelf loudspeakers. A few of my favorite quotes include:

An excellent midrange reproduction that would look good even on loudspeakers with significantly wider price tags: brightly colored, organic, transparent, warm - in a word: sensual!

In terms of space, the Bryston Mini A Bookshelf adheres to what its compact design promises: the sound pattern is so well-ordered from the speakers that they become "invisible" and only the instruments and the voices, which can be nicely located in the center of the stereo, take
over have the stage.

The special talents of the Bryston Mini A Bookshelf, which are anything but everyday for their price range, aim first and foremost at the mids that are so colorful, well-balanced, audible and therefore organic

You can read everything Jörg has to say by checking out an English translation of the full review linked below, or check out the original review in German.

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