BDA-3.14 Review By Alpha Audio

Christiaan Punter of Alpha Audio, recently published a review of the BDA-3.14. The BDA-3.14 merges our BDP and BDA platforms into one, by taking the BDA-3 and integrating a high quality streamer. A few of my favorite quotes from the review include:

The BDA-3.14 is a great DAC with an excellent streamer section on board. This seemingly simple addition is actually so well implemented that it leads to a better result than with the best server + renderer combo I currently have available. And that says it all!

This is where the Bryston BDA-3.14 comes into its own, making it perhaps unbeatable as a complete solution in its price range!

You can read everything Christiaan Punter has to say by checking out the full Dutch review linked below.

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