Absolute Sound – BDA-3.14 Review

The BDA-3.14 is a DAC and streaming platform combined into one convenient package. Recently, the BDA-3.14 was reviewed by Steven Stone of The Absolute Sound. A couple of my favorite quotes include:

The BDA-3.14 is a first-class component that could be the center of a high-performance digital audio system—maybe even yours.

No other audio firm offers a 20-year warranty and is still around to honor it. This is one of the reasons that audiophiles seeking high-value components have embraced Bryston gear since 1976.

With the BDA-3.14 you get Class A solid-state, clean, clear, WISWIG, with no sonic embellishment or “mojo” added to the music itself. I personally prefer that.

My overall impression of the BDA-3.14’s is that it attempts and, for me, succeeds in being an extremely neutral DAC/pre with a “straight-no-chaser” approach that does not prettify or euphonize the sound. Also, it’s a stable design that is deadly silent, with nary a hiccup or burble even with its volume turned up to max and my ears a scant few inches away from my loudspeaker’s tweeter.

I highly recommend that you check out the full review and read more of what Steven has to say. You can also check out our product page to learn more.

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