28B³ Amplifier – Audio Activity

Angelo Jasparro of the Audio Activity, recently published an in-depth review of the 28B³ Amplifier. Designed by Bryston engineers led by our CEO Chris Russell, the 28B³ is the next evolution of the 28BSST². Touted as one of the most power amplifiers on the market, it can drive any loudspeakers with ease. Angelo, who had previously reviewed the 28B³ ancestor, the 28B SST, was singularly impressed by the 28B³. A few of my favorite quotes include:

These amplifiers are THE MUSIC, no lies, no my-fi sounds, no inventions or fascinating but false fireworks. The music. Stop.

These Bryston 28B Cubed sound with no color, no filters, they don’t add and they not hide anything. They don’t cut the harmonics and they don’t squeeze dynamics. They don’t suffer any speaker load, they will not be in trouble behind the lowest sensitivities, or the larger rooms. And, let’s be clear, will not be in trouble even before the most critical ears.

It took over 10 years of listening to a lot of stuffs, to replace my old Bryston 7B STs, and who could do it, if not Bryston?

Read the entire review at Audio Activity’s website. You can find more information about the 28B³ Amplifier on our 28B³ product page or find a local dealer to hear it for yourself. Listening is believing!

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