Stereophile Attended Toronto Audio Fest 2018

Robert Deutsch of Stereophile recently visited Bryston at Toronto Audio Fest 2018. Our exhibit featured a Model T-Rex Active System. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the coverage of the show:

Perhaps the most unusual speaker at Toronto Audiofest 2018 was Bryston's whimsically-named Model T-Rex.

It's a stacked pair of Model Ts, the top speaker upside down. I was reminded of the Double Advent system popular in the 1970s, but the T-Rex goes well beyond the Double Advent, with substantial bracing joining the speakers, a layer of rubber between them, and Bryston's DAX-1 digital crossover included.

The Model T-Rex demoed at the show made a big, impressive sound.

You can read everything Robert has to say by checking out his full coverage of the event linked below. You can also check out the Active System product page to learn more about what it has to offer.

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