BP-17³ Preamplifier Review by Stereophile

John Atkinson of Stereophile recently wrote a technical analysis and follow up review of the BP-17³ Preamplifier. The BP-17³ is a fully featured preamp and is our first component to feature our patented low distortion Salomie circuit at both the input and output stage. This new technology is remarkable in its ability to render even miniscule details with breathtaking clarity and lifelike scale.

A few of my favorite quotes from the review include:

The Bryston BP-17³ offered superb measured performance as a line preamplifier. Its optional phono and digital inputs are equally excellent.

As claimed by Bryston, the phonostage RIAA error was extraordinarily low, and the output didn’t roll off until well above the audioband, reaching –1dB at 90kHz. Channel separation was excellent, at >70dB in both directions.

You can read everything John has to say about the BP-17³ and see his full techincal analysis, by checking out the full review linked below.

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