BIT RM Series Isolation Transformers

BIT20 silver front - black glass floor 2-web

You simply cannot have distortion free audio playback without clean power. Sure, our analog equipment has exceptionally good power supplies which filter incoming AC effectively, but the performance improvement gained from providing your whole system with unimpeded clean power is remarkable.

Choose the BIT15 if you have small amplifiers (100W or less) or simply want to give your source components and preamplifier the cleanest power possible. The BIT20 adds extra power output handling and mechanical isolation of the transformer for even further reduced in-room noise.


  • Superb transformer-based isolation from AC mains noise does not restrict current flow.
  • Narrow Bandwidth Technology allows only a narrow AC bandwidth through effectively cutting high frequency noise components before they reach your equipment.
  • Series Mode Surge Suppression is active and clamps power surges at only 2 volts above nominal making it far more effective than sacrificial MOV based devices.
  • Medical grade power outlets on North America models.


  • 17 or 19" wide dress panels. 19" wide are rack mountable.
  • 17" are available in black or silver.



The music they reproduce is full-sounding, very powerful with a lot of drive, and the music has a weight and a density, with real substance to it. The sound is very warm, musical and natural sounding. It is never harsh, clinical, nor aggressive or irritating." - 

Dimensions (in.):17 or 19 X 16.5 X 417 or 19 X 16.5 X 6.3
Weight (Ibs):7888
Input Voltage:120V120V
Output Voltage:120V120V
Output Current:15A20A
Frequency:60 Hz60 Hz
AC Inlet Type:IEC 15AIEC 20A
No. Outputs:10 ea.10 ea.

Made In Canada


20 Year Warranty on Analog and Loudspeakers


High Performance

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