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We no longer offer this product for sale, but we still continue to support this product and any associated warranty. Please contact us if you need any support or assistance with this product.

BOT-1 Optical Drive for BDP Digital Players

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So you've got a Bryston BDP and a bunch of CDs. Use the BOT-1 to rip your CDs to a USB drive attached to the BDP, NAS, or even BDP internal storage (if you've installed a drive). Or, leverage the BDP's world-class digital audio playback engine to render the CDs in breathtaking quality without ripping them to your drive. Or, burn playlists off to a CD for a quick trip in the car or for playback in another system. Whichever function you need most, the BOT-1 is the missing link making Bryston digital players the top digital music systems available today.


  • Adds CD Playback, CD Ripping, and CD Burning to any Bryston Digital Player
  • Use the CD ripping utility in Bryston's Manic Moose software to correctly rip audio CDs to any storage device your BDP can access
  • Connects to any open USB port
  • Powered from an included external PSU
  • Steel enclosure and aluminum dress panel machined and finished to match your BDP


  • Silver or black faceplate
DimensionsInches: 5.7 W x 2.75 H x 8.25 D
Weight3.6 lbs | 1.6 kg
Connection to BDPMicro USB to A
Power:Included 12V DC adapter




Made In Canada


20 Year Warranty on Analog and Loudspeakers


High Performance

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