BDA-3 DAC Review by HFA

Christiaan Punter of HFA, recently published a review of the BDP-3, a digital music players that lets you hear a perfect replica of high resolution studio masters with incredible detail and breathtaking realism. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the review:

Bryston may be known mostly for their amps, but now having heard more of their components it is starting to look like everything they issue is simply excellent value, great-sounding, and built to last. The BDP-3 is no exception.

Used as a streaming endpoint, the BDP-3 is a dependable, easy to operate and really great sounding device. A big selling point is its Roon Ready-ness, combined with its front panel display and buttons that actually control Roon’s queue.

When using its built-in Media Player and playing local files, the BDP-3 further steps up the game and truly shines. In this mode, it actually performs on par with some of the very best digital sources that I have heard.

You can read everything Christiaan has to say by checking out the full review linked below. You can also check out the BDP-3 product page to learn more about what it has to offer.

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