Just because it has a 20 year warranty

Doesn't mean you have to keep it that long

(But, you can if you want to)

Trade Up to a new 4B Cubed

Your vintage 4B (up to SST² Series) is worth more than you think. Now is your chance to own the newest version of an iconic piece of the audiophile landscape.

Our modern Cubed Series features higher power, lower noise, dramatically lower distortion, and is even more rugged than the classic 4B you've owned for years. Your old 4B is amazing, but the new one is our masterpiece.

Hear how far we've come since the first 4B landed in 1978, and hear how much better your music can sound!

So, carry your pre-loved 4B to your dealer today

We'll take back any working 4B up through the SST² series as long as it's in good cosmetic condition. It doesn't have to be perfect - nicks and dings are OK, but no major scratches on the dress panel, and no bent metal.

How much is your 4B worth?











Wouldn't it be fun to upgrade?

Contact Bryston or your Bryston dealer for details:

(Trade in offer valid in US and Canada only, limit one trade-in per new item purchased)

Phone: 1-800-632-8217

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