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On These Classic Bryston Amplifiers

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Bryston Certified Sound

When an audiophile upgrades to a new Cubed Series amplifier, they sometimes have to say goodbye to their first love. Those old amplifiers don't disappear. Vintage Bryston equipment traded in comes back to the factory for restoration, certification, and preparation for a new home. That new home may be yours.

Each trade-in gets a full electrical refurbishment and recertification by our experts. Just like our new amps, refurbished classics undergo 100 hours of burn-in time to verify the success of our service. We prove their quality to you by including a re-birth certificate with each product. This certificate tells you specifically how your amplifier measures against our high standard of quality.

Finally, each Bryston Certified Sound product comes with the promise of excellence - an additional 5 years added to the already legendary warranty remaining on that product.

Whether this is your first Bryston, or yet another in a long line of systems, we are certain you'll love your new-to-you Bryston amplifier no matter it's vintage.

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Bryston Certified Sound available in US and Canada only.

Phone: 1-800-632-8217

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